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Anonymous: "The hi-light was the afternoon Theatre Royal  musical presentation. Corny acting..." more>>

Ernei and Glaldys: We took in a production of [The Rough But Honest Miner]  We were most impressed with the quality of the show... more>>

We enjoyed the shows so much we went back the next day - great entertainment with old-fashioned sweets and drinks available...more>>


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Welcome to Theatre Royal of Barkerville operated by Newman & Wright Theatre Company.
The summer season runs May to September, and every year new shows are written and presented by our talented performers.
Be sure to visit Barkerville and come and see us at Theatre Royal this summer!


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2015 show schedule

The original cast of the Cariboo Amatur Dramatic Assoication, circa 1870

As of Monday July 13th WCFB: On Air - the 52 minute performance will be at 3:30 pm instead of 4 pm